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About GreenLYT LLC

GreenLYT has been manufacturing LED lighting in the United States since 2008. We have specialized in desiging effective adaptations for LED solutions. From our patented bracket modules designed to work effectively in all standard existing commercial industrial land based fixtures to our commercial marine LED fixtures and retrofit applications our products are the easiest and most cost effective ways to implement efficent LED lighting in your facility or fleet.

GreenLYT is a USA based manufacturing company.

All our products are USA MADE they adhere to the strict guidelines of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Section 1605, Because of these stringant requiremerts you can be assured of only the highest quality and reliability of everything we make. Being US based our service and technical support is just a phone call away. Our expertise allows you the advantage of our years of engineering know how; especially useful for applications requiring retro-fitting.In addition you have the peace of mind of on-site assistance and a USA based customer service. We produce affordable, efficent, sustainable, quality MADE in USA products for the world.